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Underwood-Blog-Images-1-2-300x300The appointment of a partition referee is one of the most important aspects of a Partition Action. A partition referee is a neutral third party that is appointed by and accountable to the court. The sole function of a partition referee is to assist the court in matters related to partition actions. (CCP § 873.510.) The purpose of this blog post is to address who can serve as a partition referee in a court-supervised partition sale. 

Generally, the law does not contain any requirements that a person must have in order to be eligible to serve as a Partition Referee. Instead, Code of Civil Procedure section 873.050 lists only individuals who cannot serve as partition referees. At Underwood Law Firm, our attorneys are more than familiar with partition actions and the complexities of appointing the right partition referee.  

What is a Partition Action? 

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