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underwood-receive-notice-of-sale-partition-action-300x300The purpose of this article is to explain a partition sale and who must be notified of a sale. If the co-owners cannot agree about what to do with a property or whether they want to sell it, a partition action may be necessary. This means forcing the sale of the property to divide the co-owners’ interests in it and divide the value of the property accordingly. Because a home or property cannot necessarily be physically split in half, it must be sold. When that sale occurs, the law requires certain parties to receive notice of that sale. 

How does a sale in a partition action work?

A property sold through partition generally sells in the same manner as a normal seller. A sale in a partition action is often done through a referee. This is usually done through a public auction or a private sale. If it is being sold publicly through the court, an appraiser will value the property and it will be sold at a public auction which occurs under court supervision. The court may specifically include its own terms for the sale such as all cash, sale on credit with a specified type of security, etc. (CCP § 873.630.) 

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