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Underwood-Blog-Images-3-1-300x300Partition litigation can be broadly categorized into two phases. In the first, the parties fight over whether there is a right to partition the subject property. If the court agrees that such a right exists, then the litigation shifts into the second phase, where the parties determine the manner and means by which the property is actually partitioned.

Partition referees play an integral role in this second phase. Their responsibilities are wide and ranging, as they can assist in disbursements, marketing the property, dividing the property, and much more.

At the apex of this second phase is the referee’s report. This is a filing the referee makes with the court after the partition is completed, essentially detailing how the referee partitioned the property. Unsurprisingly, this report can become the focus of additional litigation as parties seek to confirm, deny, or modify the report based on any number of legal grounds.

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