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6282023-300x300Partitions sales and foreclosure sales are two different ways that a property can be sold. The main difference between the two is the purpose behind the two sales. For partition sales, the purpose is to divide the property and for the owners to get the proceeds in proportion to their ownership. The purpose of foreclosure sales is to pay off a borrower’s loan. 

The Partitions Sale Process

Usually, partition sales are ordered by a court. This is because partition lawsuits are often brought before courts by a property owner who wants to force a sale if the parties cannot come to an agreement.  

Notice of Foreclosure image for Blog Can someone foreclose on a property during a partition action? Underwood Law Firm, P.C.While the brief answer is “yes,” the issue is a bit complicated, like many things in the real estate litigation world. 

Who is a proper party to a partition action?

Generally, any person claiming an interest in a piece of real estate must be joined in the action in order to fully settle all issues with respect to that property. If a person is not joined, then the court case is not binding, or res judicata, with respect to that person. As such, a partition action includes not only all title owners but also any companies claiming a mortgage interest. 

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