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underwood-restraint-on-alienation-300x300Real estate law has many nuances and subtleties. One of the lesser known aspects to real estate law is something known as a “restraint on alienation.” At its most basic, a restraint on alienation limits the sale or transfer of interests in real property. 

Civil Code Section 711 states that “[c]onditions restraining alienation, when repugnant to the interest created, are void.” These conditions may be found in a will that conveys property but provides that the property may not be sold for a certain period of time. (Wharton v. Mollinet (1951) 103 Cal.App.2d 710, 713.) A restriction on the sale of the property will be deemed void and not apply to the recipient’s property interest. Similarly, if property is transferred by a deed, such a restriction will be deemed invalid. The purpose underlying Section 711 is to “clarify[] and protect[] titles for the benefit of the public at large, as well as of the grantees.” (Id.) 

What restraints, if any, are permissible?

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