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underwood-attorney-client-privilege-power-attorney-300x300The attorney-client privilege is well-known for a reason. It is a tenant of the legal profession, allowing for clients to approach attorneys with honesty and sincerity without fear that what they say will ever “leave the room,” so to speak. 

But its application to various situations and circumstances can become quite complicated. For example, two of the most common types of arrangements when it comes to estate planning are the establishment of trusts and powers of attorney. Both serve unique purposes, and both approach the attorney-client privilege quite differently. 

What is a power of attorney?

underwood-escape-airbnbust-300x300In recent years, the growth of vacation rentals have driven the rise of purchasing investment properties in highly desirable areas throughout the country. For years, investment rentals were so profitable that many people jumped into the market and purchased properties to get a piece of the action. Unfortunately, in recent years, the sheer number of vacation rentals in these areas diluted the marketplace and made it increasingly more difficult to turn a profit from these investments, and in some cases, have lead to investment losses. 

As many people who previously saw the advantages of these investments have recently seen problems the problems with these properties, they have been looking for legal methods to leave these relationships and receive the return of their capital. Frequently, many people find that getting out of these investments is a lot harder than getting in, if they can even find a legal way out. Many cannot. The attorneys at the Underwood Law Firm, however, are well-versed in the legal tools for helping good people get out of these bad real estate relationships. 

What are the options for leaving a bad real estate relationship?

underwood-can-you-abandon-real-estate-300x300Generally, an owner can never legally “abandon” title to property. (Gerhard v. Stephens (1968) 442 P.2d 692, 713.) Instead, abandonment can only be found in situations dealing with personal property. Yet when the property interests in real property are in the nature of incorporeal hereditaments, the California Supreme Court has found that those interests can be abandoned. 

For a person to abandon property, or a right in property, there needs to be a nonuse accompanied by unequivocal and decisive acts on the part of the nonuser clearly showing an intention to abandon. (People v. Southern Pacific Co. (1916) 158 P. 177, 180.) Accordingly, in order to find abandonment, a trier of fact must find that the owner clearly and convincingly demonstrated the necessary intent to abandon. (Gerhard v. Stephens (1968) 442 P.2d 692, 713.)

What is an Incorporeal Hereditament?

underwood-when-should-you-change-lawyer-300x300Generally, when obtaining representation for yourself and your property interests, you must make sure that your interests are indeed being protected and your wishes respected as much as legally possible. The moment it becomes clear that your attorney is not acting accordingly, it may be time to change your lawyer. 

What You Should Expect

You are the best advocate for yourself, so there will be things that will make it abundantly clear to you whether it is time to change lawyers. From the beginning, your attorney should provide you with a clear roadmap and plan for the litigation. Your lawyer should communicate with you about how they see the dispute, and their plan to win your case.  

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